We include a return-to-base seller warranty with all of our used and refurbished smartphones and tablets. We will repair or replace the item at our discretion under the warranty. The duration of the warranty is 12 months from the date the item is purchased, and does not restart if the item is repaired or replaced. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects occurring under normal use. You must be able to provide proof of purchase to claim under the warranty and the IMEI/Serial Number of the device must match our records.

The following will invalidate the warranty:

- Third party repairs (e.g. by yourself or an entity other than us). If you accidentally damage your device, please contact us as we can offer an out-of-warranty repair that will not invalidate the warranty.

- Contact with liquid.

- Improper electrical/power supply.

- Faults caused by dropping, mishandling or misusing the item.

- Unofficial modification of software or firmware (e.g. jailbreaking).

The battery is not covered by the warranty as it is a perishable item. For all devices with batteries that are not easily removed (e.g. iPhones, iPads and some Samsung Galaxy S models), we test the battery capacity prior to listing the item to ensure it is within acceptable levels. We can provide out-of-warranty battery replacements that will not invalidate the warranty if you ever do need the battery to be replaced.

Accidental or physical damage (e.g. cracked display) is not covered by the warranty.

How to claim

To return an item under the warranty, please contact us within 12 months of purchase. We will provide a pre-paid postage label and further instructions. You are responsible for the item until it reaches us.