Why YOU Should buy An Apple Watch

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The apple watch has taken the world by storm in the last few years; it quickly went from a commodity in the tech industry to a device that we think you'll agree is essential for every iPhone owner. In this article, I aim to explain why millions of people would agree with that statement and why you, as an iPhone owner, should buy one for yourself. 


Apple pay - I think we can all agree that apple pay revolutionised the way we pay, the ease of being able to pay contactless from your phone and digitally keep track of your spending habits. With an apple watch, the ease of paying contactless is even more straightforward; your phone can stay in your pocket or handbag as you pay with your watch. 


Notifications - much like the ability to use apple pay without your phone, once the watch is connected to your iPhone, you can view your notifications from your watch. Making it easier to stay connected to your loved ones in situations in which the use of your phone is unwarranted, such as work, a glance at your watch is much less discourteous and allows you to focus on your tasks.


Seamless integration with apps - the apple watch seamlessly integrates with almost every app available on the ios app store, everything from apple maps to the health app, allowing you to get directions on your wrist while driving to having your daily steps, blood oxygen and heartbeat recorded. Perhaps you're a budding photographer; your apple watch can even be used as a camera remote.


Safety - The apple watch can tell if you've taken a hard fall or have severely hurt yourself and can contact emergency services with your coordinates to get you help; the watch can also be used as a life alert system if you're immobile or physically impaired, so not only can you track your health, you can use it to get help when you need it. 


Digital key - the watch has the ability for digital keys to be added to the wallet, effectively removing the need for keys entirely, enabling you to enter your house contactless and effortlessly. Even some brands of vehicles, such as Tesla, can be unlocked and the charging port opened from the force touch menu feature on the watch. 


In conclusion, the apple watch is the perfect companion device to your iPhone; with its endless capabilities and safety features, it's universally applicable for everyone, regardless of age or occupation. In addition, the apple watch is sleek and stylish. It would make an excellent gift. The UI is easy to understand, and its features are adaptable to fit your or anyone's lifestyle, including those in your life who are perhaps not familiar with the technology. I genuinely believe an apple watch is a purchase you'll never regret; why not buy one for yourself and find out!



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