Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished iPhone

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We believe buying a refurbished phone is a much better option than buying brand new, and we hope by the end of this blog post you’ll agree.


      The cost of buying a brand new phone can be extremely expensive, especially during today’s economic recession. But there are options to fix this, by buying a refurbished model you can save a lot of money, ensuring that you can spend your hard earned cash in a much better and worthwhile way. You still get that new phone feeling without breaking the bank. It’s quick, easy and with 3rd party support such as klarna you can spread the cost making it even more affordable.

      Environmentally Friendly

        Buying a refurbished phone is very environmentally friendly, by buying refurbished you can give a pre-loved device a new life and stop it from ending up in landfills further polluting our already fragile environment. Did you know that the average British household replaces their phone every 27.7 months? That a whopping 25kg of e-waste produced per person within the uk! Recycling the old device is good in the short term, however recycling the precious metals within old phones causes a lot of pollution! The best option is to trade-in old devices and buying refurbished ones.


        The last thing you want after spending thousands of pounds on a brand new phone, is to drop it in the toilet or smash it off the concrete, however this can happen! In Fact it happens more often than you may think. Most contract companies and major phone retailers do not offer warranty, however, buying from a refurbished phone company (such as our own) gives you a safety net within reasonable terms, so if anything should happen to your device, you can exchange it for another or receive a refund.

        No contract

          Buying a refurbished phone means no contracts, it means freedom to choose a network you actually want and freedom to pick the exact plan you want and pay exactly as much as you want for data and minutes! With zero upfront costs, and once you’ve bought the device it’s yours, no hidden costs or interest or anything else. Just like the old days, once you’ve bought that phone it’s all yours, you can do whatever you want with it! 


            Once you’re done with the phone, you can sell it back to a trade-in site and start again! You can upgrade your device as many times as you want. As long as you’ve kept it in good condition you should be able to get a great amount of money for it! 


            TL;DR - we say keep the cycle going, feel that new phone feeling without breaking the bank or signing any contracts. And once you’re ready to upgrade sell it back to a trade-in store to let someone else love that phone as much as you did.


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