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Social media is integral to our daily lives; even people's pets now have social media channels to share their lives and memorable moments with followers. As technology advances, so do the applications and software we use. In this blog, I will list my personal favourite applications available from the iOS and Google Play store to make better and easier content. 


Canva is an excellent platform to create engaging and eye-catching content, from pictures to videos and gifs. There are millions of templates and assets to use, and the software is simple and easy to use. Fun fact, the vast majority of content available on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) is created through Canva Pro.

Google Snapseed

Google Snapseed is an essential photo editing software with advanced features. If you need an app to fix the brightness and contrast of your photos, we highly suggest google snapseed; it’s intuitive; a baby could pick up your phone and make a masterpiece using snapseed. I have been using this software for years to create beautiful, simple and effective edits. I love it, and I’m sure you will too.



Picsart is the jack of all trades; on picsart, you can create engaging and eye-catching content like Canva. For both professional and personal use, you can do simple photo edits like Google Snapseed and edit videos much like Inshot. Picsart is an app that can do everything you want all in one place. However, it’s not for beginners. The app is intuitive and efficiently designed; however, navigating and using it is a different experience. If you’re not new with apps similar to this, we highly suggest it, as you can do pretty much anything you could want when it comes to content creation all in one app.


Have you ever wondered what those creators on TikTok used to create such awesome transition videos? I’m willing to bet most of them use Inshot, Inshot is a video editing and trimming app available on all platforms (including PC) to create unique and immersive content for your followers; the app itself is simple enough to learn overnight, and your followers will thank you for the improved content creation. Master those hard to do transitional videos on TikTok with inshot.


Capcut is another excellent application for video editing; the application is more simplified than the other editions on this list and, therefore, much easier to use. Capcut is a free and easy to use all-in-one video editing application explicitly made for TikTok and other video sharing social media platforms; if you’re a beginner to editing, this is the app I would recommend, as it’s the easiest on this list to get to grasp with.


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