Top 5 Accessories for your iPhone

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Let’s face it, we all have smartphones these days, and that’s great! As mobile phone technology gets better every year, so do the accessories associated with them! Here’s our personal favourites


Whether you favour apple or android i think we can all agree that wireless earbuds are one of the best things in technology to come out in the past few years. Perfect for the gym or going for a run, basically essential for driving and even while sleeping! As a society music is a very integral part of us all, and what better way to tune in to your favourite artist than whilst blowing off steam or doing your daily chores around the house! 

Wireless Charging

Not only is wireless charging convenient, it can be cost effective too! Just pop your compatible device on the charging hub and leave it to do it’s job. It’s safe, easy and doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your charging port.


Are you always losing your keys? Maybe you frequently misplace your bag? Well with Apple Airtags you won’t lose them again, or anything else for that matter. When your phone is out of Bluetooth range of the airtag the device activates, utilising the massive Find My iPhone network, the airtag can give you an almost exact location of where you left it last! 

Wallet Phone Cases

What could be more convenient and efficient than being able to save space in your pockets and bags by combining your wallet with your iPhone! Nowadays with online banking and Apple Pay most of us have already retired the vast majority of the contents of our wallets for the digital variants. And so with wallet phone cases we can retire the wallet itself! Keep your cards and cash in your phone!

Lightning to 3.5mm Jack

One of the things I think we all miss on modern devices is headphone jacks. Wireless options are fantastic however they’re pricey and require regular charging, with the use of a lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter you can finally use your favourite pair of wired headphones again! Simply plug the 3.5 male to the female part of the adapter, and place the male lightning jack into your phone! Voila!


TL;DR Your phone is one of the most advanced piece of equipment in our modern world, protect it with a case and accessorise it to fit your modern lifestyle


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