Top 5 Accessories for iPads

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You may have seen the news recently that gecko mobile has recently started selling iPads! So here's a comprehensive list of why you should buy one and what accessories are the best for said iPad.

An iPad is a very versatile device with many uses! And now you can get one from us at Gecko Mobile for as low as £99. It’s a steal! They’re tablet devices with the computing powers of a top-shelf laptop! The perfect machine for students and kids alike, high power computing and the entire IOS app store at your fingertips. 

Keyboard Case

If you’re a writer or do a lot of writing as part of your daily job, perhaps even a uni student is looking to write your thesis on the go, an iPad is an excellent option. Not only do you have the ability to use any app within the iOS app store, with accessories such as the detachable keyboard case, but you can also essentially turn your tablet into a more compact MacBook, writing on the go.

Apple Pencil

Perhaps writing isn’t a huge passion for you; do you prefer to draw? Then the apple pencil is the device for you; turn your tablet into a highly capable drawing tablet and bring your artwork to life! Many professional animators and content creators use an iPad for this exact use because, with the help of the apple pencil, it’s the perfect tool for the job.


Naturally, AirPods had to make a comeback on this list; not only are they excellent at noise-cancelling and so if you’re the kind of person that needs a distraction-free environment to work, make this an excellent choice, but with seamless Bluetooth connectivity and an endless library of streamable music and content available on the iOS app store, it’s a match made in heaven, for anyone in your life! These two devices go hand in hand; I believe that AirPods are an essential device for your iPad.


Foldable tablet stand

Do you intend to use your iPad mainly from a desk? Perhaps you need a perspective to help with your drawing and animations? Then I have the perfect solution for you! The foldable tablet stand is not only a fantastic price. It can be used by most tablets; it’s not just iPad specific. It makes a fantastic accessory for anyone with a tablet needing to add productivity to their daily life, and for such a happy budget price, who could say no? 

Lightning USB drive

Are you always running out of space on your devices? Don’t want to delete those precious memories away to make room for more word documents or other work-related things? Not to worry! This USB drive connects directly to your charging port, giving you extra space on your device; now, you can do both! And with 64gbs of onboard storage, not only do you have a considerable amount of space, you can seamlessly transfer your data from your phone to your iPad or any other Apple device with a lightning port!


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