Top 10 Tech Gifts for your Kids!

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Do you have a birthday coming up? Need to find your little rascals a gift they’ll truly love! Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog article, I will make a comprehensive list of the top 10 tech gifts for your teens and kids this year! So no matter the occasion, you can choose the perfect gift your child will love! 

10; EE Alcatel 1B 32GB Mobile Phone

Your kids are going off to school and becoming mini-adults, and so it’s time to consider a mobile phone to keep track of what they’re up to and get easy contact when they’re off with their friends. However, mobile phones are expensive! Don’t worry, the Alcatel 1B is one of the best-rated phones for the price range; your kids will be able to do everything they could on a more expensive brand with the safety net of being affordable, which will come in handy when they inevitably break it (let's face it, we were all kids once, it’s going to happen) 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more well-known brand, don’t fret! Gecko Mobile has a perfect option for you, you can get a refurbished phone from us for as little as £37 with a 13-month warranty, and with klarna you can spread the payments.  Whichever you choose, we feel that a phone in today’s society is a must-have for your kids as they venture out into the world.

9; Kindle Kids Edition 8GB E-Reader

Here’s one for the younger child in your life; the kindle kids edition allows your little rascals to read thousands of books on one device. And in a tough kid-proof cover to stop accidental breaks and two years warranty, this is an excellent deal! Granted, it’s cheaper to buy the books; however, in the long run, we believe this is a better option; not only do you save on space, but as your child ages and their taste in books changes, all it takes is a quick download, and the book of their choice (whether it be a book for school or pleasure) can be installed immediately without an issue or need to wait for it to be delivered online! 

Reading books is an excellent way to improve your children's language skills, vocabulary and punctuation. Not only can you let your child expand and express themselves and their mind through their creativity and imagination, but you’re also helping them in school and later on in life too! We believe that the Kindle Kids is an excellent gift, no matter the age.

8; Acer Chromebook / ASUS Cloudbook

Do your children need a computer for school work and homework? Not sure on the difference between Chromebooks and cloudbooks? Allow me to enlighten you so you can decide what would work best for your family. Chromebooks run Chrome OS, a Linux based operating system built around the Google Chrome browser; Chromebooks are best for light work such as writing documents via google docs, emails and browser-based applications. Chromebooks cannot run windows based applications such as Microsoft Office (word, excel, PowerPoint etc.) or .exe files in general; they can, however, run android apps from the Google Play store.

Cloudbooks run a lighter version of Windows and, as such, has full windows compatibility with .exe files and software such as office. This means they are better for more in-depth tasks that involve using specific software such as photoshop.

Overall the choice comes down to what the computer is needed for; if all that’s required is basic web browser activities and document writing, a Chromebook is the best option. On the other hand, if you’re after a lightweight computer that can do everything a standard computer can do with full windows compatibility, cloudbooks or a traditional laptop is the correct answer.

7; Amazon Fire Kids with Case

Don’t want your children destroying your expensive iPad or another tablet/device! The Amazon fire kids is a tablet made to be tough, machine made for streaming content and playing games that can take a hit! I have personally seen how these things are and believe the price is worth it! 

The case helps the overall rugged structure of the device from being protected, and with the two-year worry-free warranty from amazon, you don’t have to stress about your kids being too rough with it; if they do manage to break it, you can replace it with a new model up to 2 years after the purchase of the device.

It’s a perfect, though pricey way to keep your kids entertained, whether that be during a car journey or out in public or just regularly; with thousands of downloadable educational games and thousands of hours of streamable content, we believe it’s most definitely worth the price.

6; JLab JBuddies Kids Headphones

This one was obvious; if you decide to buy your little ones the tablet above, you’re going to want to get them a pair of child-friendly headphones! This company also makes wireless variants that would make an excellent gift for the older kids in your life; let them zone out to their music or streamable content whilst you get on with your day!

JLab headphones are excellent sound quality (and sound cancelling) with literally hundreds of positive reviews and feedback! For the price, this would make a wonderful gift for your kids.

5; JLab GO Air Pop In-Ear True Wireless

As mentioned above, JLab makes wireless headphones too! And they’re very highly rated and high quality, perfect for the teens in your life for listening to music at the gym or in their free time! And as they’re water-resistant, if they happen to be accident-prone, these buds are unlikely to break.

I highly suggest trying them for yourself; these would make an excellent gift for any music lover on the go, not just your kids.

4; CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels

Do you struggle to get your kids up for school? Then this clock is perfect! It jumps, runs and hides, and the noises are thunderous and annoying. Nobody can sleep through this nuisance. 

Not only will your kids be forced to get up out of bed and physically chase it to make it stop ringing, but the noises it makes are ever-changing and obnoxious, which makes it impossible to ignore

The clock is made for abusers of the snooze button and people that are exceptionally heavy sleepers; this is a perfect gift to get your kids up for school on time and force them out of bed to get ready! No more arguments or needing to wake them up; let this obnoxiously loud and annoying clock do it for you! 

3; Tile Mate 2020

This one would make a perfect gift for any clumsy person in your life, not just for kids; the tile mate is a small keyring that tracks the location of whatever item it's attached to via Bluetooth. 

If ever the item gets out of Bluetooth range, it will list its last known location on the app; the tile mate can also be used with voice assistant technology, so say it’s attached to your car keys, you could ask Siri or Alexa, for example, to see where the keys are!

Or, find out where your children have dropped their favourite toy, their tablets, phones, house keys etc., the tile mate makes an excellent gift for anyone regardless of age.

2; Kitvision Kids Action Camera Kit

Do you have a budding photographer or videographer in the family? Then this gift is perfect for them! The Kitvision Kids Action Camera Kit comes with everything your child would need to make long-lasting memories with their friends and begin a creative and passionate hobby!

The kit comes with: a micro SD card for storage, mounts, and a few different cases, so no matter what your child wishes to do with the camera, from underwater videos to pictures in action-packed environments, the camera will always have perfect protection! 

This is a fantastic present for any child interested in the creative art of photography or videography! We promise this is a gift they'll love for years to come.

1; Nintendo Switch

I couldn’t make a list of gifts without adding one of the best gifts I’ve ever personally received in the last few years; the Nintendo Switch is perfect for kids of all ages. Regardless of their age, there is a game made for them! 

It's a top tier console with amazing graphics that’s portable and has fantastic battery life. I can assure you that if you buy this for anyone, even yourself, you won't regret it! I’ve struggled to put mine down!

Whichever gift you decide to buy your kids for Christmas this year or an upcoming birthday, we hope this list helped you come up with ideas! Let us know how you felt about this list by sharing it with your friends and family! And tell us on social media, what tech device do you think should’ve been on this list? Thanks for reading!


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