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If you’re new to Samsung smartphones, this blog is for you. Regardless of if you have experience with smartphones from other manufacturers or whether this is your first smartphone device, this article should help answer any questions or reservations you may have regarding your newly purchased Samsung smartphone device.

About the Samsung operating system

Samsung smartphones run the Android operating system, which is one of the most well known and used OS on mobile devices. Even if you personally have never used a smartphone, I’m positive that you will have had some experience with android because of just how many devices in the world runs Android natively. 

The android operating system boasts having access to the largest app store in the mobile device industry. With access to literally millions of applications at your fingertips and the ability to fully customise your experience using said applications or from the inbuilt settings on the device, you can go from changing your onscreen keyboard to the theme of the device and beyond, the options are endless!

How to set up your Android smartphone


Before you can begin customising your experience or downloading some of the millions of apps available on the google play store, we need to set up your device, so here’s how to do that.

  • Firstly place your sim card into the phone and plug in the charger; ensure the phone has a decent amount of power before beginning the set-up process, as this can take several minutes.
  • Turn on the device usually; the power button is located on the side of the phone; however, it may be on the top.
  • Once the device is powered on, you’ll be prompted to go through the initial set-up; both us at Gecko Mobile and Samsung themselves advise not skipping any steps; however, you can, if you want to, skip steps of the process to complete later.

Now that your device is set up, you can begin to customise your experience on the play store; there is a plethora of applications to change the design and layout of your keyboard and thousands of themes to fit your lifestyle, as well, of course, millions of applications and games.

Explore unique features of Samsung smartphones

Secure folder

On Samsung Android devices, you have the option to hide applications and files in the secure folder; it acts like a virtual safe, hiding away any critical information and applications you don’t want others to see or get control over, once the items are locked away behind the secure folder feature, to unlock it, the secure folder utilises biometrics such as the fingerprint scanner or facial recognition

Wireless power share

On specific Samsung smartphones, there is a coil built into the device allowing you to charge other devices wirelessly; let’s say you and your friend have compatible phones, and yours is nearly dying, with the wireless power share feature, all you need to do is place the back of your phone to the back of theirs and use your friends' phone as a wireless charging pack, we believe this feature is handy and view it as one of the top reasons to choose a Samsung smartphone over an iPhone

Split screen

On Samsung smartphones, you can multitask and have two devices open at the same time, making Samsung smartphones the best choice for business devices and lifestyles that require extra manpower. This feature is especially useful if you need to write an email regarding an article on the web, perhaps, or talk to your friends via video chat and watch a video on a streaming platform service. Whatever you intend to use this feature for, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a beneficial one indeed.


In conclusion, I believe it’s obvious, from the information you just read, that Samsung smartphones are made to fit every aspect of your life and are an excellent choice for people of all ages and abilities; not only are they simple to set up and use but they’re one of the leaders in the smartphone industry and as such would make an excellent first smartphone for anyone!

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