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How to set up iPhone?


If you’ve just bought an iPhone and are new to smartphones or Apple devices in general, this article is for you. But, first, let’s take a look at what exactly iOS is and what it can do for you.

Learn About iOS

iOS is the operating system created by Apple specifically for mobile devices; the software is fast and easy to understand. With literally millions of applications available on the app store to download at a moment’s notice, everything from social media to business tools, if you can think of it, there is most likely an app for that!


Learn how to set up your iPhone

Never had an iPhone before? Read on.

For those who have never had an iPhone before, let’s go over the set-up of your new device. Your first step is to plug your phone into power to ensure it doesn’t need to be charged as depending on the options used, this could take several minutes, and you want to make sure your device doesn’t power off during the set-up process.


Then, tap the “Set up Manually” button and follow the on-screen instructions. The manual setup is simple and easy to follow; it is designed for those new to this process.

    Already own an Apple device? This will help.

    If you already own an Apple device, you can follow the “Quick Start” guide and automatically set up your new device using the settings and information from your previous device. Bring the two devices close together and let iOS do the job for you. 

    Learn about accessibility settings 

    **Tip - If you are vision-impaired or otherwise require the use of accessibility settings to use your device, you can triple-click the side button (on newer iPhones) or triple-click the home button (on older iPhones) to turn on voiceover, the screen reader, you can also double-tap the screen with three fingers to activate zoom**

    For more information, click here 

    How to get the most out of your new iPhone

    Now that your phone is set up, we can begin going over some of the many features and functions of your iPhone. The iPhone is one of the most technologically advanced phones on the market, with an App Store boasting literally millions of applications to a world-renowned camera with quality definition high enough to film in 4K quality. 


    Regardless of who you are or how you intend to use your phone, whether it be for work or everyday personal tasks, there are a plethora of applications to make your life easier. From email to document writing, the iPhone is more than just a phone; it can be used for much, much more.


    How to get the most out of different iPhone models


    There are a vast number of differences between the “new style”, and “old style” of iPhone. The newest generations of iPhones are near button-less, the screen is a notch type display, meaning 99% of the screen is used, minus the area around the call speaker and front-facing camera. This style of iPhone uses gestures and 3D touch to navigate around the operating system.


    The older style of iPhones also uses gestures to navigate. However, the screen isn’t as large as these types of iPhones utilise a home button, and as such, there are bars at the top and bottom of the screen; despite these differences, the old style of phones are much beloved and more than capable of dealing with modern-day usage despite the ages between the new and old types. 


    How to unlock different iPhone models

    Another striking difference between the old and new styles is how you authenticate your usage. Older generations of iPhone utilise a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone and other sensitive information, such as automatic password login on websites and banking apps. In newer generations, the iPhone operates the much more high-tech face-id. This facial recognition software can be used regardless of facial coverings as of the latest iOS update.

    For more information on the features of the newest edition of iOS, click here  

    Conclusion and further reading

    Regardless of which style of iPhone you purchase, whether its an older or newer generation, I'm sure you have questions about your iPhone that hasn't yet been covered by this blog, which is why I have made multiple articles to answer any and all remaining questions you may have.

    Such as:

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    In conclusion, the Apple iPhone is an excellent choice, and so is buying refurbished through us at Gecko Mobile. Not only are you getting a fantastic deal, you are getting 13 months warranty from the price of purchase, and by paying an extra fee, you can upgrade the battery, effectively making the phone brand new! If that isn’t enough to convince you, worry not! With the use of Klarna you can spread the cost, giving you more time to pay.


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