Are iPhones Waterproof?

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Most modern-day iPhones are not waterproof; they are water-resistant, and what that means is that if you are unlucky enough to get water on your phone or drop your phone into water, it shouldn’t be damaged beyond reasonable repair. The iPhone 12, for example, can be submerged in water up to 60 metres for 30 minutes before the phone becomes unprotected and begins to take severe water damage.

So what do I do now I’ve dropped my phone in the water? Well, the best thing to do in this situation first is to, of course, remove the device out of the water immediately. Once you’ve done that, make sure you do not plug it in or charge it; this could blow up the motherboard within the phone. If your phone is turned off, do not turn it on, this could cause a short circuit. We recommend that you take out the sim card and tray, wrap the device in a towel and gently shake the phone to remove any excess water from the phone. 

You can also dry out the phone. I'm sure you’ve heard the old wives' tale of using uncooked rice, we’ve all done it, and from experience, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you need something right now to do the job and have nothing else to hand, it can work; however, rice particles may clog ports in your phone and enter the phone, which you do not want. Instead, use silica gel. Have you ever opened a new device or perhaps a food item to find a silica gel pack? Well, don't throw it away! Collect them for emergencies like this; silica gel is used to keep things dry; it can absorb the liquid out of the phone without causing further damage.

Let’s say your phone is fine, it wasn’t in the water for long, and your iPhone is water-resistant. However, your phone speaker sounds strange; water has gotten into the speaker and microphone causing it to sound tinny and not be as loud, there are videos available on the internet made to blast the bass of your iPhone speakers and blow the water out of the microphone and speakers, find one that lasts a good amount of time, play it on full blast and wrap the phone in a towel. By the time the video is complete your speaker should be back to normal again.

So what if my phone is not water resistant? Or that your phone is irreparable, what now? Well, if you’re lucky your phone will have insurance for this kind of accidental damage, and if you don’t then hopefully you’d at least have warranty on your device. Most companies offer a warranty on your phone, Gecko Mobile is no different, unfortunately we don’t cover water damage and many companies don’t either which leaves you with only one true option left.

Buying a new phone. That’s it, final straw and left with no other option, buying a new phone after breaking your old one feels like a defeat, and that’s something all of us can understand, but worry not, you at least don’t have to fork out the big bucks and buy brand new phones! You can always get an excellent reconditioned phone from us at Gecko Mobile, with 13 months warranty and with regular deals available and discount codes you can make it even more affordable.


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