Apple VS Android, The Everlasting Debate

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At this point, the Apple vs Android argument is a tale as old as time! From the announcement of the first iPhone back in 2007 there has been an ongoing debate on which smartphone platform is better, more reliable and more customizable. Admittedly we at Gecko Mobile may have a slight bias in this debate, however, in this post, we’ll be going over the pros and cons of each platform.

iOS; Apple’s IOS platform was developed specifically for the release of the first iPhone, the iPhone was a massive leap in the current market of phones at the time and helped coin the term ‘smartphone’. The iPhone could do things that now seem commonplace but at the time were truly revolutionary, the company Apple was taking a dive in traffic and numbers at the time, in fact, if Steve Jobs hadn’t come back to lead the company and the iPhone was never released, sources say that perhaps apple itself as a company may not even exist anymore. 

Much like the “console war” the iPhone had many competitors at the beginning but as time went on and technology progressed other competitors left the market leaving Android as the only real competition left.

Android; The first commercially available phone available on the market with Android as the main operating system was the HTC Dream realised 2008, and it was obvious from the get-go why Android became such a big threat to the throne that Apple had claimed, the HTC Dream was exciting, slim and sleek! With its slide-out keyboard and dedicated software keys (menu, back, end call etc.) the form factor was exciting, futuristic and yet not too dissimilar to other phones on the market at the time. Unlike the iPhone which in comparison to others released the early 2000s looked almost alien in its form factor. The HTC Dream helped form a bridge over from “dumbphones” to “smartphones” whereas Apple’s take was like pushing someone who can’t swim into the ocean. 

Both of these operating systems had ideas and applications that were not seen anywhere else during the early 2000s, from an app store with literally millions of applications at your fingertips ready to install within a moment's notice. To the capacitive glass touch screens! Many other manufacturers attempted to keep up with the top dogs of the mobile wars but failed to keep up, and still to this day the arguments persist, which one is better?

Well, now is the time to decide that for yourself, here are some articles for you to read to make your informed decision, either one has a long and prestigious line of innovation! Whichever you choose, know you're choosing from the best.

Why is Apple Superior?       Why is Android Superior?

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